4037 St. Claude Ave., New Orleans, LA 70117

Opening: Saturday October 12, 6 -9 pm
Performance Dates:
Part 1: Saturday October 12th, 12-noon to 12-midnight
Part 2: Saturday October 19th, 12-noon to 12-midnight
Part 3: Saturday October 26th, 12-noon to 12-midnight

Good Children Gallery is pleased to present Ekstasis, a three-part performance
by gallery-member Malcolm McClay.

Directed by: Jeff Becker
Sound by: Nathan John Normand Weidenhaft & Marcus E. Brown

Ekstasis explores that which makes us human, the need to make a mark, to
record our existence, to communicate. This 36-hour ritual begins with prints
of the body, first hands, then arms, then torso in this primal gesture that
reaches back to those first marks of mankind recorded in Paleolithic caves.
Then the printing evolves to language, with words drawn on the gallery walls in
a physical gesture from mind to body to wall. A poetic dialogue follows as the
performer and the sound artists enter into a conversation composed of spoken
word and music as the words drawn throughout the walls are read aloud. The
audience is invited on this experiential contemplative journey, to stop by or
stay as long as they choose.