4037 St. Claude Ave., New Orleans, LA 70117

2010 Exhibitions

Prospect 1.5 : Curated by Dan Cameron

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Prospect 1.5 : Curated by Dan Cameron

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Meat Locker : Curated by Eric Steinberg

Work by: Paul Outlaw, Britton H. Tolliver, Sally Hall, Evan Greenfield, Mark Sengbusch
Kai Wolter, Jennifer Catron, Carl B. Oxley III, Comora Tolliver, Meg Turner and Eric Steinberg

Sailing to Byzantium
: Curated by Adrian Price

Featuring work by:
Jessica Bizer, Brian Guidry, Rachel Jones,
Philippe Landry, Sophie Lvoff, Jeremy Pelt,
Adrian Price and Minka Stoyanova
New Orleans Mountain Project: Curated by Srdjan Loncar

Featuring work by:
Bjarki Bragason (Iceland), Alyssa Dennis (Baltimore),
Sebastian Preece (Chile) and Robert Tannen (New Orleans)

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Strange Birds : Curated by Generic Art Solutions

Works on paper by Brad Benischek, The DNA Factory, Heather Vinz,
John Henry Kelly, Kim Jenkins, Louise Riley and Generic Art Solutions.
Featuring the video, Prehistoric Landscape, by Lucy Newman.

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Last Line of Defense : Rajko Radovanovic

Is the Oil Here? A Snapshot : Robert Hannant

Gorgamon : Collaborative Exhibition with the Joanna

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I Just Wanted to Destroy Something Beautiful
Group show featuring Daphne Loney, Charles Handler,
Brett LaBauve, Julie Pieri and Sean StarWars.

The Things You Own End Up Owning You:
Installation by Dan Tague

Cash and Carry : Second-annual fund-raising exhibition


Leaving the Solar System : Jessica Bizer

Double Standard : Mike Cloud

Cruel Summer
: Jeremy Mitchell Pelt

Traffic Island Prison Farm
: Malcolm McClay

Hybrid Realities : Chicory Miles