4037 St. Claude Ave., New Orleans, LA 70117

2008 Exhibitions

November - December
United Artists: Propect.1 Group Exhibition

Featuring the work of:

Jessica Bizer
Christine Catsifas
Stephen Collier
Generic Art Solutions
Srdjan Loncar
Daphne Loney
Malcolm McClay
Adrian Price
Christopher Saucedo
Dan Tague

Territories: Christine Catsifas

Library of Art:
Sal Randolph

Supernatural : Curated by Dan Tague

Featuring the work of:

Amy Finkbeiner
Michael Greathouse
Chris Jahncke
Mia Kaplan
Dan Tague
Derek Zeitel

Equal Slices (Regular and Sicilian):
Christopher Saucedo

Recent Works on Paper : Dan Rule

The Great White : Curated by Srdjan Loncar

Featuring the work of:
Rajko Radovanovic (Croatia)
Taro Hattori and Mayumi Hamanaka (Japan)
Yevgeniy Ampleyev (Ukraine)

Stephen Collier: Situational Targets

Rental Work! : Curated and performed by Stephen Collier and Jonathan Traviesa

Featuring the work of:

Sonya Blesofsky
Kyle Bravo
Nick Cassway
Jesse Greenburg
Morgana King
Julie Pieri
David Sullivan
Derek Zeitel

We've Got Levitation: Jessica Bizer and Liz Luisada

Les Enfants Rouges:

Featuring the work of:

Timothy Berg
Ben Dartez
Mallory Feltz
Barton Gilley
Loren Schwerd
Holly Streekstra
Japeth A. Storlie

Shadow Root: Retracing the Santa Fe Trail

Jeremiah Ariaz

They Burned the Candle at Both Ends:
Adrian Cochran Price and Nathalie Christianne Shepherd

Choice Cuts: This inaugural group exhibition features the work of:

Tim Best (New Orleans)
Nina Bovasso (New York)
Ernest Concepcion (New York)
Jeffrey Forsythe (Chicago)
Laura Gibson (New Orleans)
Jessica Goldfinch (New Orleans)
Rian Kerrane (Denver)
Alisoun Meehan (New York)
Jean Robison (Los Angeles)
Jonathan Traviesa (New Orleans)