4037 St. Claude Ave., New Orleans, LA 70117

Opening: Saturday November 10, 6 -9 pm
Exhibition Dates: November 10 - December 2

Side by Side
Aaron McNamee

Album cover constructions ranging from two near halves abutting each other, to
the creation of duct-like structures with the covers emerging in progression out
of one another makes up this exhibition. Inspired from fiddling with his parent’s
record collection as a child, the artist would often sit listening to records while
gently squeezing two opposing edges towards each other to create a sort of an
eye shape. Many years later this technique is rediscovered and employed to
create sculptures both reminiscent of Modernism and in defiance of it.

Upfling: Mel Buffington

upfling ramblings
"just some coyote, walking along, talking to himself. "

      born from a question mark, raised on punctuation marks & pluperfect dreams,
upflings evolved to their current state thru a serendipitous unfolding of events:
turn the dot into an eye - blank as it was, make him dance, add a companion & a
dog, bring yin/yang into the equation.  return to basic i.