4037 St. Claude Ave., New Orleans, LA 70117

Opening Saturday March 12, 6 - 9 pm
Exibition Dates: March 12 - April 3

The Good Children Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition curated by Live With Animals,
a collective based in Brooklyn, NY. Read more about the exhibition below, and learn more about
Live With Animals at www.livewithanimals.org.

Live With Animals Presents:


New Works by Raul de Nieves, Erik Zajeceskowski and Rachel Nelson

8pm Performance by Buoyantsea (opening night. Sat 3/14)

In this installation the artists have imagined a group of tourists travelling to the not so distant, distant future
after the apocolypse.  To their surprise they find not- destruction but beauty. 

Through this show, the artists try to examine the complexity of the roll of the artist to imagine the future and
to provide an insight that reflects both the implicit danger in proscribed indivualism and media orientated
alienation in our times and to project a sustainable outcome given the course we are on. Though the
installation is clearly fiction— it underscores the artists hope to simply be love, and for a happily ever after.
It invites the viewer to enter the installation as a tourist to the future and to participate in the ongoing narrative…

The Story as told by the tourist in the Red hat…

In the future of tomorrow’s post apocoliptic dreams when the icy raindrops cease to fall the flowers rise
again.  The land that once made barren by the children’s children flourishes with the hope of a new world. 
Upon a magic carpet ride to this distant land, we visit… The music rises with the sun in the east and as we
glimpse upon the new world, first, we see that it is indeed beautiful.  Who would have thought that all the
darkness would turn to rainbow colored joy, and yet here we are.  All that surounds is alive; the simplicity
of life given to those objects which in earlier times had no life at all is now vibrant. 

Mere visitors here we follow a path to seek that which our people before us had thought impossible. A land
where harmony reigns, where waste does not exist but turns to make all things flourish…

There are remnants of those things which all human life can understand but they are more complex and vivid
now.  The factories eroded by the dark rains have rebuilt themselves; they are the mother to cakes and flowers
and clouds larger than the shadow of the moon.  The dwellings of our times once closed off to existance in,
competition with neighbors, forgetting the beauty of the collective for the individual are now open to the
morning sun. 

Indeed all is now open and alive.  The creatures run through out the land in clothes made of chip bags and
flower petals with boots of candy rappers and string.  Flowers sit to tea with cake and make music with rainbow
cardboard totems while all laugh gayly at a butterfly with waxpaper wings. 

The colors of this land are not the colors of your memory of the earth how we left it long ago.  It is brighter here,
in fact our eyes need covering, for even the sky is painted with bursts of color in yellow and pink and blue…
The magic of the sunset lasts throughout the day and yet the sun is shining vividly above us, warmer than ever
before it makes all things grow exceedingly tall.  Shadows are not where things are hidden but where magic
gardens grow boxes of sugar and a tidy yard harvests watermelons and tea cups large enough to sustain all
the creatures.

We are just visitors here; we can not stay, but still, we go back to our world with hope, for the future of a magical
place is not lost to life.  The world does not know destruction it can only survive and so we wait until tomorrow…

Raul de Nieves, Erik Zajeceskowski and Rachel Nelson live and work in New York City.

Live With Animals in an artist run gallery in Brooklyn, NY founded in 2004.  We open our doors to all types of
mediums for creativity's sake with out motive for profit. Live With Animals is located in the Monster Island arts
building which houses a plethora of artists and musicians, including the artists in this show.