4037 St. Claude Ave., New Orleans, LA 70117

July 10 - August 8

Last Line of Defense : Rajko Radovanovic

Documentation of site-specific interventions
in the wetlands south of New Orleans, LA.

Last Line of Defense#1, Marshes of Bayou Rigolettes, Lafitte, 32 miles south of New Orleans, LA, Latitude: 29 - 37'28"N, Longitude: 090-07'35"W, Photo: Alison Radovanovic, Boatman: Gary Hodges, June 09, 2010.

Is the Oil Here? A Snapshot

Moving Pictures by Robert Hannant

Rajko Radovanovic: Last Line of Defense
July 12 - August 8

This body of work is derived from a series of Site Specific Interventions undertaken as a direct response to the tragic
environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico which began on April 20th 2010 with the explosion and fire on the drilling
rig Deepwater Horizon. Its purpose was to examine questions of responsibility and abuse concerning the protection of
natural environments that have been substantially endangered through human exploitation.

To this end, a number of conceptual lines of defense have been erected to explore the effectiveness and/or limitations
of traditional mechanisms of such protection in the face of politically supported global corporate greed. These primary
actions were intentionally ephermal with the life span of each individual intervention – ranging from minutes to days –
being dependant on the natural fragility of the environment and the force of the elements. The flags were used with
basic components that comprise this rare ecosystem: sand, water and reeds.

Re-presented in a gallery context, the resultant images seek to address wider questions concerning individual/
collective responsibility. Their repetitive usage creates a long line of flags reminding us that we are, after all, that Last
Line of Defense.

Last line of defense #1
, Bayou Rigolettes, Lafitte, LA June 09, 2010

Last Line of Defense #2, Grand Isle, Jefferson Parish, LA, June 15, 2010

Last line of defense #3
, Venice, Plaquemines Parish, LA June 18, 2010