4037 St. Claude Ave., New Orleans, LA 70117

Gorgamon: Collaborative Exhibition with the Joanna

Exhibition Dates: June 12 - July 3
Opening: Saturday June 12 6 -9pm

For the past three years, the Joanna has been crafting an elaborate narrative relating to the genesis
of their space. This group exhibition will feature work inspired by their fantastical backstory.

the joanna narrative:

Her mother's name is Glitter and she subsists on only Cheetos. She is enormous. Glitter's ex husband was a bear but he was killed after her new husband, Mark, murdered him after seeing the two kissing in a parking lot. Mark was under the impression the bear was attacking Glitter. The only time the new couple made love was on top of the bear carcass. Not long after they were married. Glitter's father and mother is Junior. Imagine a towering middle aged man with a rippled, tan body and flowing blond hair. The idea obviously stemmed from an Schwarzenegger classic. Glitter is one of four children including Sgt.Thadeus, Uncle Ritone, and Uncle Dunkle. Joanna is the offspring between Sgt.Thadeus and Glitter. Joanna's cousin Lionel is the result of Uncle Dunkle and Glitter's prom night circa 1989. Uncle Ritone is a retired mob underling and Sgt.Thadeus has never been in the armed forces. He occasionally cuts the hair of a man named Martine, who Sgt.Thadeus repeatedly mistakes his name for Marine. His fascination with the Marines started here yet he was actually named Sgt.Thadeus at birth. Uncle Dunkle is the cheer captain at the local college and is preening his son Lionel to become the next Jimmy Stewart. Joanna's boyfriend is Dweezle who is convinced he is spring break Pauli Shore. Everyone is linked to an intergalactic force who stands only 4 inches tall and is black as tar, Gorgamon.

a little about the joanna: http://www.thejoanna.org/

(original) the longstanding location at 4014 Graustark is being phased out, though the joanna may have a few more events there.

(joannex) starting in August a house directly on the southside of the Rothko Chapel will become joanna's full time residence. it has been a long time coming and we are excited about all the new possibilities this space provides.