4037 St. Claude Ave., New Orleans, LA 70117

Valerie George

Valerie George in collaboration with Eli Lehrhoff (Shmoak Mosheein)
Welcome to My Party: She’s Lost Control Again , 2019 (detail)
Video installation with sound
single-channel video, 08:04 loop, archival pigment print, disco ball, projector, amplifier
Video Documentation: https://vimeo.com/user97243006/review/376033466/c9f27455d3

Microphone Skirt, 2010-2019 Microphones, mic cables, FX pedals, mixer
The first iteration of this sound sculpture was created in 2010 for a performance titled Dancing with the Ghost of John Cage on the site of Black Mountain College. It has evolved in color, sound and context into its current form with each performance.
Most recently, it was used to generate sound and footage for Welcome to My Party: She’s Lost Control Again.

ENTROPIC FORCE: Land Art and the Mortal Frame , 2016 (Install shot) Archival pigment prints, video, books, dirt, salt, found objects This body of work documents site responsive activities at various Land Art sites. George contemplates her mortality in the face of breast cancer, the histories of Land Art, and the rebellious and influential artists who created them. Using site as studio, the work considers the ephemerality of both Land Art and her body by visual merging of the two.