4037 St. Claude Ave., New Orleans, LA 70117

Luba Zygarewicz
Instagram @lubazygarewicz

RISORGERE , commission by the City of Santa Rosa Public Art, California remnants and melted glass recovered from the 2017 North Bay Fires, wire, 11' x 10' x 1', 2019.

RISORGERE, detail of cooling utensils, baseball bat, tools and melted glass from the fires, Sonoma County.

Nesting Flight upon a Thousand Wishes, emptied tea bags, pins, wishes written on paper, 12' x 11" x 24-60".

When Colors Run Dry, embroidered felt, eco dyes, silk thread, steel, lead, 80" x 38" x 24".

hold on, installation written with the artist’s hair, 9’ x 10' x 2”, Acadiana Center for the Arts, Laffayette, LA.

Projeto Andorinha - hope project, space intervention, ruins of Sãn Sebastião Church, Messejana, Portugal, 2019.

Projeto Andorinha -hope project, detail handcrafted, laser-cut and 3-D printed swallows.