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Southerly Gold
GOD’S COUNTRY: The Territory Ahead

Opening: Saturday March 9, 6 - 10 pm
Exnhibition dates: February 8 - April 7

February 13 6 - 9 pm: Book Release Party
@ Mosquito Supper Club
3824 Dryades St.

Embedded in the southern landscape are complicated narratives and dark histories, interwoven and overlapping in their themes. God’s Country: The Territory Ahead examines how landscape has the power to define identity, and how identity of place is often tied to the land itself.

Over the course of five years, Southerly Gold ventured across the state of Louisiana creating a record of place, of stories stumbled upon, and a documentation of relics accessible to any wandering traveler or curious eye. The Territory Ahead is an ode to this region: to the industry and resources that are beholden to the land, to the people and places that have suffered and sacrificed in the name of prosperity, to the complex identity of place that arises in the intermingling of potential versus reality.

Whether observing a sweeping vista or the minutia of found and discarded objects, certain questions remain visually rooted in the work: What has the land provided for people? How has industry shaped the landscape and informed identity? What has been lost in the name of “progress”?

Formed in 2011, Southerly Gold is an ensemble of three female photographers living and working in the city of New Orleans. The collective consists of Aubrey Edwards, Ariya Martin, and Elena Ricci.