4037 St. Claude Ave., New Orleans, LA 70117

The Good Children Gallery is pleased to announce its schedule for Prospect 1.5. A locally-focused version of
the Prospect Biennial series, Prospect 1.5 is a series of exhibitions that will take place throughout New Orleans
from November 2010 - January 2011. Good Children is one of thirteen official Prospect 1.5 venues curated by
Dan Cameron. Numerous satellite spaces will participate in Prospect 1.5 as well.

Good Children's exhibitions will feature a combination of gallery artists and artists who once lived in New Orleans
(or the region) and have a desire to renew their connection to the city. Please see the information below to learn
more about our current Prospect exhibition, the final of three shows.

Tameka Norris
& Stephen Collier
January 8, 2011 – February 6, 2011

Opening: Saturday
January 8, 6 - 9 pm

Tameka Norris

Post-Katrina Self Portraits, 8x10" (9 digital prints) edition # 1/7, 2008.
Courtesy the artist and CB1 Gallery.

Stephen Collier

Best Friends Forever
(left), 36x24", inkjet print, 2008.
America's Past Time (right) , 36x24", inkjet on paper, 2010.

About the Artists:

Tameka Norris

"Within my conceptual photographic and video practice, I often stage an exaggerated display of self-mockery and
personas, creating tension within the juxtaposition of my body to the objects surrounding it. Located at the intersection
of contemporary and popular culture, my performance-based works explore the ways music videos, stereotypes, and
the media have defined my perception of race and identity."

Post-Katrina Self Portraits:

"I was living in Los Angeles when Katrina struck the Gulf Coast in 2005. I was studying at Santa Monica College at the
time and the semester had just begun. There was an overwhelming sense of helplessness and loss that I experienced.
Those first few days were horrible because I hadn't spoken to my family because it was impossible to reach anyone on
a phone. I even experienced guilt of not being there (in the hurricane) when it happened." — Tameka Norris

Post- Katrina Self Portraits consist of images of the artist shot in a Los Angeles photo shoot that were mounted on board
and cut out. These cut-outs were then taken to locations on the Gulf Coast placed within the landscape.


Stephen Collier

"My work investigates notions of behavior, history, identity, fear, technology, and motivation in the context of daily life.
I am interested in making works that are conceptually driven and that are both smart and dumb at the same time.
Although there is a slight darkness to my work, it is often contradicted by humor. I want these contradictions to open
new dialogs about an idea and create a tension that will modify the viewer’s way of thinking.”

"I use a variety of mediums that include video, sculpture, sound, photography, painting, and performance. Given the
multifaceted world we live in, it is important for me to use the specific medium that best fits the conceptual and aesthetic
idea of the project at hand. My choice of materials varies so that it accentuates the gestalt of the concept. Lately, I have
been interested in making work with posters, postcards, 99-cent store items, food, silly string, fashion, electronics, smoke and objects found from nature."